Welcome to The Ice Cream Bandit

It all started with a classic hand-crank ice cream maker from my brother – purchased in a thrift shop and painted with the letter “R.” Several hundred batches and a few tech upgrades later, Ice Cream Bandit was born.

Born in the heart of DC, Ice Cream Bandit blends the highest quality ice cream with delicious, homemade baked goods to deliver a fresh take on classic flavors.

Each pint is made from scratch and hand infused, with flavor highlights like Banana Bread, Rocky Avenue, Gooey Blondie Blend, and Dark Chocolate Double Fudge Brownie. Head over to the menu to explore our classic, premium, and vegan pints, as well as ice cream cakes, Bandwiches, and Brookies.

The Ice Cream Bandit

For business and catering inquiries, please contact dcicecreambandit@gmail.com.
Washington, DC